How to succeed at the first time of brewing? Apply technology to solve the 2 critical problems!

Editor: Claire Hsieh
“Every homebrewing is like an adventure in the black box,
and our mission is applying technology to help you see through the black box and enjoy the sense of achievement of brewing.”

Living in modern society, tasting fine alcoholic beverage is no longer a difficult thing for us. No matter going to a bar or having a home party, having alcoholic beverages is a way to express our tastes and enjoy our lives.

Try to imagine, if we can brew our individualized alcohol, how interesting it can be?

However, we are not as professional as a winemaker. Even if we worked so hard to prepare the ingredients and follow the steps on the Internet, there was still lots of situations that beyond our guess: the alcohol turned out to be vinegar, the favor was unpredictable, or the beverage just corrupted.

Mountains of frustrations discouraged us from homebrewing then yield to buying ready-made beverage... actually, you can have more choices in the technologized 21th century!

What will the chemistry between brewing and IOT technology be?

What is IOT (Internet of Things)?

IOT means the connection between things. With attaching sensors or remote controllers then connecting to the Internet, everything can transfer data through the Internet. This concept dated back to P&G in the 1990s applying RFID technology into supply chain management. Now, the coverage rate of the Internet has become more complete, the need for monitoring things soars, thus it comes the era of IOT.

There are mainly three features of IOT:

  1. Real-time:

The sensors can transfer the data of the things immediately through the Internet to the management platform, thus we can monitor the real-time condition of things.

  1. Remote:

Maybe you had seen this kind of statement in fiction novels or movies before:” Before you get back to home, the air conditioner is already turned on and the bath is ready for you.” Even if we are not at the scene, we can control or monitor the devices through the Internet.

  1. Widely applicable:

The application of IOT is already emerged in many fields, for example, the environment monitoring (the temperature, humidity, and the acidity of the soil), energy monitoring (the usage of electricity and water), and the wearable devices are also the application of IOT. Applying this technology into human life can reduce lots of daily routines done by a human, therefore save the energy and time for more value-adding creation.

You guess what, ALCHEMA Machine is an IOT home appliance!

There are two critical problems that we may face when homebrewing:

  1. It’s hard to control the procedure:

Even if we use a transparent container for brewing and can see the fruits inside gradually collapse and the color gets darker during the brewing, we still don’t know when the sweet point of termination is. We face the risk of opening the container before the brewing is done or over-brewing it thus the favor doesn’t meet our expectation.

  1. The probability of success is affected by the container:

The cleanness of the container is very important. No one would hope to brew a bottle of bacteria drink, right? On the other side, vinegar (ethanoic acid, also known as acetic acid) is the oxidation product of alcohol (ethanol). Thus the container must be sealed during the brewing or the oxygen will keep getting into the container and turn our cider into fruit vinegar. Of course, fruit vinegar sounds healthy, but our intention of brewing is cider, maybe we can just put vinegar to next time?

The image of ALCHEMA machine is a wise winemaker in the kitchen, a friendly female, enjoy sharing happiness with friends. Try to imagine this ALCHEMA lady in your kitchen, how comforting and pleasant it would be?

Let’s get back to the two critical problems of homebrewing.

ALCHEMA help you monitor the process of brewing anytime and anywhere

Connect the ALCHEMA machine with ALCHEMA app on your mobile phone, then you can check the temperature, pressure, and alcohol percentage data through the app. Also, you will receive a push notification from the app after the brewing is completed and you can enjoy the best timing to taste your cider.

ALCHEMA provides the total solution of brewing preparation for you


The machine is equipped with medical level disinfectant UV lamp and can be operated easily through the mobile app. There’s no room for bacteria.

Ingredients weighting:

The weight of the ingredients is automatically measured during the procedure of adding and the total weight is displayed on your mobile. Thus you can elegantly prepare your material with busily checking the scale.

Container sealing:

The container in the machine is sealed during the brewing to avoid oxygen leaking in. You can check the change of pressure inside the container through your app.

Homebrewing may sound professional and hard, but we can largely enhance the probability of successful homebrewing with the application of technology. Show you individual cider next time at the home party to surprise your friends!


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