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This article is to help to create your own recipe with ease! Create a recipe function is the beauty of ALCHEMA App, which allows Alchemanians to create any kinds of cider recipes. Those wild, crazy ideas are brought back to life. The possibility of the cider variety is infinite due to this function. Let's take a tour to get familiar with it. 

You will probably want to install ALCHEMA App in your smartphone first in order to try the function. Go download the App. Download for iOS. Download for Android


Step 1.

First, name your recipe.


Get your cider a (cool) name. The easiest, fastest way to name your recipe is to name it after the ingredients you use. 

Besides naming by ingredients, what I do is to name it by the concept that I try to express through this recipe. 

For example, I made a cider with green tea as the base and flavoring with guava and passion fruit jam. The color is golden yellow and the passion fruits always remind me of summer so I name is summer arvo sunshine. 
Does this give you some inspirations of recipe naming? 

The following step is to choose your recipe language. If you forget to set up. No worries, the app will choose English for you once you save the recipe.

The description area is to let you put down words to describe this recipe so people can imagine the taste of this cider.



Second, set up recipe attributes. 


Here we decide how do we want this cider to taste like. The main characteristic of the cider is the target ABV% and Brix. It will decide how strong the alcohol will taste and how sweet of this cider. 

ABV%, alcohol by volume, is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. The higher number means there is much alcohol in the cider. Usually, with a higher ABV%, the cider will taste stronger of alcohol. With lower ABV%, the cider will taste less boozy. 

Brix, the degree of Brix means how much sugar in the solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sugar in 100 grams of solution. The higher of Brix degree, the sweeter the cider is. The lower of Brix degree, the cider will taste less sweet. 

Small hint: Sweetness affect the taste of alcohol as well. When the cider tastes sweeter, the less alcohol you can feel. If you want to have a really high ABV% drink but you don’t want it to taste too obvious, then you can set Brix higher. 

Once you set the target ABV% and target Brix, the app will tell you how much sugar you should add to this recipe on the orange bar on the top, as you can see in the picture.

Third, adding main ingredients. 
After done setting recipe attributes, time to add your main ingredients! These ingredients will decide the main flavor of the cider. 

Take this summer arvo sunshine recipe for example, I am using green tea and passion fruit guava jam as main ingredients. I am assuming that the finished cider will have the obvious flavor of green tea, passion fruit and guava. 

According to the ratio of the ingredients, the green tea flavor will be stronger but the flavors of passion fruit and guava can be tasted easily. 


Fourth, adding extra flavorings. 
Now, the main flavor is decided. Time to add some extra tones to your cider. 

Not everyone likes to have little hints in their cider. This is more like an optional choice. 

Usually, at this step, we add ingredients that can spice up the cider a little bit without dramatically affect the flavor. In this case, we suggest not to add over 100g of flavoring ingredients. 

By choosing “other ingredient”, you can choose the ingredients built in the app or you can also type the name of it. Since we don’t add too much flavoring ingredients, you can also turn off the weigh bar and just type the amount that you would like to add.


Fifth, adding sugar. 
The sugar here is to help cider get to target ABV% and target Brix. 

The orange bar on the top will tell you based on your target ABV% and Brix, how much sugar you need to add in order to meet your goal. 

Be careful here, if you add less sugar then the app suggests, the cider may never reach the target ABV%.

Sixth. Adding yeast.
Last but not least, always remember to add yeast to the recipe! Yeast is the key factor to turn sugar into alcohol and turn these ingredients into cider. 

There are four types of yeasts for you to choose from in the app. ALCHEMA also provide these yeasts on our website. You can also use other kinds of yeasts you prefer by typing the name into the column. 

Seventh. Adding water (optional)
If you are using ingredients like fresh fruit which won’t contribute enough liquid, you can switch the tap to add “add water” step to the recipe. So this recipe will have enough liquid to turn into cider later. 

Then click DONE. Your recipe is good to go now! 
You are now a create-a-recipe master. Go create a recipe and start making cider. 🍹🍷🍸

Get your App ready and start making your recipe! 

Go download the App. Download for iOSDownload for Android



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