How to create a bubbly hard cider at home?

Many of you have asked the same question: Is the cider created by Alchema bubbly or still? Today, we’ll share ins and outs about using carbonation to create the perfect sparkling cider.

Carbonation occurs by adding dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) to liquid—which creates bubbles. In other words, carbon dioxide makes cider fizzy and gassy. For those looking to make carbonated cider at home, there are few important things to consider. The most critical factor of making a carbonated cider is a completely clean environment, which is also the hardest part for anyone doing this at home. If the container is contaminated, bacteria will quickly produce gas and will eventually burst out. The second critical factor is for the carbon dioxide to enter into the cider slowly enough so that it dissolves entirely in the liquid. So how do we make carbonated cider safely and successfully? Alchema is here to help.

First, Alchema features auto sanitization, using UV-C LED light to ensure the environment is clean. Second, Alchema has conducted numerous experiments and selected yeast strains that specialize in creating bubbles. These yeasts usually have a relatively slow fermentation rate, which creates minimum turbulence in the cider and helps maintain more gas in the liquid. The Alchema yeasts are in small packets, ready to go and easy to re-order via Alchema’s website.

If you like an even more bubbly cider like Champagne, you can craft it by applying a few extra traditional methods. After Alchema alerts you that your cider is finished fermenting, just transfer the cider into a clean bottle, add a little bit sugar (1 oz. of sugar for 1 gallon of cider) and place the sealed bottle horizontally in a cool temperature (lower than 70F) for another 1-2 weeks. The horizontal placement prevents the yeast fermentation from causing convection, which can release carbon dioxide from the cider, and the cool temperature slows down fermentation, keeping more gas in the cider. (Warning: we recommend opening the bottle with caution in the sink to prevent the carbonated cider from bursting out too fast.)

Still cider has no bubbles, and the mouthfeel is like white wine—a smooth and silk-like texture that’s often the best choice for pairing with refined cuisine. Alchema’s bubbly cider has light bubbles with a delightful mildly fizzy mouthfeel—great for BBQ or a cozy party. Traditional carbonated cider is like Champagne and may have a white head when you put the cider in a glass. It’s excellent for celebrations but requires a little more effort to prepare.

With Alchema, you have a variety of options when it comes to creating the sparkling cider that’s perfect for you.  Which one would you try to make?

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