How to be selected as ALCHEMA's Choice?

Here you will learn how to make your recipe looks better. 

You must know the four key aspects if you have used ALCHEMA. 

  • Recipe photo
  • Recipe description
  • Ingredient preparation
  • Flavor tags

So a good recipe must contain those four as mentioned above, and those must be well-written. 

  • How to take a good recipe photo? 

You don't have to worry too much since nowadays you could take good photos with your smartphone. The size of the recipe photo is 3:2. The easiest way to take a good photo is to cut your photo into 9 parts and place your drink in glass in the middle. That way, viewers could understand how the drink looks like. You could also put ingredients around the drink then viewers could get a hint where the drink is made from. 

  • How to write a recipe description?

Color, Smell, and Taste. The recipe description triangle. Simply keep the triangle in mind and describe it to your viewers then you could make a good recipe description. People would love to know more about how the drink would look like, how it smells like, and how it tastes like, would it taste better after the fridge? is it carbonated? what food pairs better with this drink? Describe those into your recipe description. 

  • How to write a ingredient preparation? 

The key is to tell people how to prepare their ingredients. For example, should I peel my apple? should I remove the seed of my grape? what would happen if I don't? Tell your viewers how to do it properly to make a good drink. 

  • How to choose flavor tags?

Flavor tags allow you to quickly know the recipe so choose flavor tags for your recipe viewers is important. In terms of the flavor bars, it allows people to get a sense how sweet it is and the tartness. 


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