How Do You Like Them Apples?

4th Sept 2019

Simple hard cider remains as ALCHEMA’s all-time favourite drinks to make. Its simplicity combined with its wonderful taste provides an experience that is definitely worth trying. 

The best thing about owning an ALCHEMA is that you are in full control into what you can put into your drink. While ALCHEMA does have a simple hard cider recipe, the taste can vary from person to person due to the many variations of apples, yeast and sugar there are. You can have your cider to be sweet or tart. I like to find the balance between the two, but some might have the drink’s taste leaning one way over the other. 

What type of apples should I buy? 

Many different types of apples range from green ones to fuji ones. Because each of them has their unique taste. They will also affect the final taste of the homebrew. So, it is important to decide which apple to buy. If you have a favourite type of apple already, then it’s best to start with that. 

Let’s first start with green apples. They are one of the tartiest apples around and because of this, the final beverage will end up tasting quite tart. The Fuji apple is much sweeter and the majority of our users use it to make simple hard cider with. The ambrosia apple is a little crisper and acidic than the others. It will make the final batch taste a little more tart. All different types of apples have different tastes, so our recommendation would be to try the apple first. The apple taste will be similar to that of the cider when the homebrewing process is complete.

Once you have picked the type of apple you want, cut them into cubes without the core getting involved, and put them into the pitcher. 

Another option is apple juice. If you want the preparation process to be over quickly and don’t mind a less fresh cider, then apple juice would be perfect. Just make sure that it is 100% All-Natural with no preservatives. Our recommendation would be using Mott’s or Treetop Apple Juice as a starter.

What type of sugar should I buy?

You have multiple options on what type of sugar to use. While this depends on how sweet you what your drink, it is also the main ingredient for the yeast to convert the sugar into alcohol. Generally, for the simple hard cider, we prefer to use white sugar as it is easiest to get. Alternatively, you could use brown sugar this would not dramatically change the taste of the drink. If you are willing to experiment, then you could use honey. This will give the drink a little bit of a fruity taste.

What type of yeast should I buy? 

This is the final step, adding in the yeast. The type of yeast will determine several of factors ranging from carbonation to fermentation rate. ALCHEMA does provide a wide range of yeast which is sorted into different colours. The red yeast pack enhances the drink's carbonation, the blue has a faster fermentation rate and the drink is a little more tart, the yellow the taste of alcohol is more obvious, and the green has a clear body that will look nicer with a slower fermentation process. 

Alternatively, you don’t have to purchase the yeast from ALCHEMA you can purchase it in your local supermarket. I do recommend doing a little research so that you know what kind of drink you are going to have after the whole fermentation process. Also, you have to make sure you purchase brewer’s yeast and not baker’s yeast, otherwise, you will end up accidentally making bread. 



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