How do I manage my profile page? Why should I care?

Your profile page display who you are and what you care about. So it is a way to let people know you and attract people who share the same thoughts with you. Making like-minded friends allow you to elevate your brewing hobbies to the next level!

On the profile page, you will see the four main area showing your personality. 

  • Profile pic
  • Intro
  • Flavor tags
  • Brewing history

  • How to take good profile pic?

This is a place where you can be yourself. The pic can be you tasting wine, you and your lovely pet in a park, or anything you like. Choose a pic that represents yourself. Just remember don't do nothing. 

  • Intro

This part allows people to know you. You can share your hobbies, your favorite time when to drink your brew or even the songs you like to pair with your drinks.

  • Flavor tags

Here we will do it for you, based on your brewing history we collect the flavor you like and display here. This way, people like you according to the flavor tags since you both share the same tastes. Follow each other and exchange recipe ideas! 

  • Brewing history

You could share your published recipe or brewing history here. No matter you are a brewing expert or newbie, you can find a way to learn from each other's experience and become a better brewer. You could also co-brew with other user in the ALCHEMA community. Don't know how to do it? (CLICK here to check it out.)


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