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Are you a homebrew beginner? If so, you might probably like other homebrew newbies look for a forum or online community for fermentation knowledge or recipe ideas. You could find all in ALCHEMA Club no matter you are a newbie or expert. 

If You Are A Newbie

There are homebrewing experienced brewers in the ALCHEMA Club and they are willing to share their know-how and provide inputs. You could post questions, like how much sugar should I add? what kinds of yeast should I use? how to preserve the result? how to make my result clear? And your questions will be answered. 
Homebrewing is an endless journey. During the journey, you will meet new friends, be inspired by other people and learn from it. Gradually, you become experienced and you are able to help new newbies like you before. 

If You Are An Expert

Need inspirations? Want to meet like-minded people? Join ALCHEMA Club and share your experience with other homebrewers. Exchanging ideas could sharpen your mind and look at things from the other side. 
If you like making sake, you could discuss the different impact on the body from different kinds of rice. If you like beer, you could discuss the different impact on the body from different kinds of hops. If you feel like it, you could host a party and exchange each other's homemade drinks. 
We believe the fun part of homebrewing, it's not from just DIY but you build a connection with other people who share the same hobby. And based on the hobby, you build a relationship.  

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