Homebrew Newbie | How to start your first batch with ALCHEMA?

 I can imagine how excited you are to have an ALCHEMA and you can't wait to start your first batch. ALCHEMA provides you a whole new homebrewing experience - your kitchen is your winery. 

How To Start My First Batch? 5 Steps To Begin Your Homebrew Journey

1. Before starting, check gaskets are in the position to prevent leakage. 


2. Download the ALCHEMA App, sign up and log in.


3. When you are in the App, click the bottom-left corner button and choose a recipe you like. Our recipe lists the ingredients you need and steps. *DO NOT START ADDING INGREDIENTS BEFORE PHONE AND MACHINE ARE CONNECTED


4. Before clicking "start making", please make sure you turn on your machine. After clicking "start making", your App will start to connect to your machine.


5. Once connected, the white ring on the top of your machine will turn blue. Then the App will guide you through every step, including sanitizing, adding ingredients, and pitching yeast, to make your perfect homemade drinks.

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Any Recommendation For My First Batch?

ALCHEMA focus on fermentation. You can make homebrew beer, homebrew wine, homebrew mead, or homebrew hard cider with ALCHEMA. But when it comes to which recipe is the most delicious, the truth is it really depends since everyone has their preference. That is why ALCHEMA encourages and empowers you to explore what you like and what you want. 

There are over hundreds of recipes in the ALCHEMA App. For newbies, we recommend you start by the top 2 popular recipes, which are Mead, and Simple Hard Cider. By following the top 2 popular recipes, you could get to know how to use ALCHEMA and begin your homebrew journey.


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