Here’s the Reason Why Our Ancestors Started Drinking Beverages

By HanNing Tung (Brewing Researcher)

In ancient times, people drank beverages rather than water, because water could be dirty. Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t know anything about microorganisms. They might drink water contaminated by animals or other people. Dirty water could be colorless and clean but it still contains lots of bacteria which would make people sick. On the other hand, beverage is usually safer and drinkable, because contaminated beverage will have bad smell or odd texture. Therefore, “drinks” have become an indispensable role in every culture due to their advantage of sanitation.

Why drinkable beverages are always safe? Some beverages made from non-bacterial sources, such as fresh milk, fresh juice. Tea and coffee are brewed by hot water. By boiling water, the pathogens in the water can be killed. In other words. Tea and coffee are made by sterilizing water. They are safe and refreshing so they have become popular in the past. Alcoholic beverages are made by non-pathogenic yeast which suppresses other pathogenic microorganisms growing. In general, if the yeast grow in the liquid, other bacteria will not get advantage in the environment because most of microorganisms do not have alcohol resistance. Alcohol is a side product made by the yeast from the fermentation process. If a fermentation process is successfully done, it means the fermented products are safe.

Nowadays, although safe water is easily found, tasty beverages are still popular. Milk, juice, tea and coffee are normal in our daily life. What about making alcoholic beverages at home? ALCHEMA can be a great helper which makes you have a unique brewing experience.

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