Ginger Peach Cider

Have you ever bit into a peach that was so juicy that, when finished, you were left with a sticky mess? I’m going to assume yes, but I bet you didn’t even care that you made a mess just because eating that peach was well worth it.

Peaches are a true delicacy whether eaten by itself or combined with something else. One peach recipe which is absolutely to die for is peach cobbler. A perfect conclusion to a delicious meal. You shouldn’t stop there though. Why wait till dessert to satisfy that peach craving you have been having all day. Having a glass of peach and ginger will surely satisfy those cravings.

The ingredients for this cider are sugar, yeast (premier rouge), water, canned peaches, peach juice and ginger. Finding the right peach will make the batch taste that much better. Canned peaches and peach juice are ideal for making this homebrew. This is because even the juiciest peaches, don't contain enough juice to make enough homebrew. Canned peaches will also help to release more flavour during the fermentation process. When choosing a brand for canned peaches and peach juice, make sure you choose a product that has no artificial preservatives as this can kill the brewing yeast during the fermentation process.  

Picking the right ginger to use is also important. Try looking for a root that has a thin, smooth skin rather than a thick or rough one. An ideal ginger will have a light brown exterior with creamy yellow flesh on the inside. For peeling the ginger, all you need is a spoon and gently scrape off the skin, afterwards cut the ginger into smaller portions. Broil the ginger in order to break down and release some of the flavour and the aroma.

Once you have finished preparing the gingers and peaches, you can put them in the pitcher to start the fermentation process. Use the Alchema app and simply follow the step by step instructions. Once started, the app will then notify you when the batch is done.

That first sip will make your taste buds dance around your tongue. Pair this drink up with a roast chicken meal, and it will put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. The combination of the heat from the ginger and the sweetness from the peach will truly make this drink a delight. 


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