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Publish recipe function has been improved!

You can now publish recipes by just one click. We released this function weeks before and we have been busy making it better! There were more rules since we wanted to make sure every recipe published is perfect. But then we realize, the point is not being perfect. The point is to let Alchemanians can communicate with each other by their drinks. That's why we improved publish recipe function and made it easier. 

You may wonder how to do that. The answer is easy. Just press the "go publish" bottom next to your recipes, then the recipe will be available to everyone in ALCHEMA App. 

We love that ALCHEMA family is growing bigger and people are sharing their experiences with cider making. One of the best things is getting brilliant recipes from Alchemanians. We noticed that people have been asking how to make cider shared by Alchemanians. People will type ingredients in the comment, others can read the ingredients and create the exact recipe in the app. However, we want to make recipe sharing easier. So we launch the publish recipe function! 

By clicking the "Go publish" bottom, the published recipe will be available on "Explore" page with your account name showing on it. People will know the creator of the specific recipe. 


Before publishing your recipes, here are some suggestions which can help Alchemanians know your recipe better. 

1. Upload a photo of the cider. A photo of cider can help people know what they'll get. 

2. Fill in attributes. The sweetness/bitterness/acidity/tannin, filling in the scale to help Alchemanians get to know the tastes of the drink so they can decide if they are going to make it. 

3. Description. Your opinion matters. Since you are the only one who drank this cider. You can teach people the best way to enjoy this cider or other information that you don't want us to miss. 

4. Flavor tags. If you are too lazy to write. Choosing flavor tags is the fastest way to make people get to know your cider!

If you don't like doing all these four, you can just pick up items that you want to do. Then click "Go publish". Boom! It's there. Sounds easy? Let's do it now! 

 The function is currently available on the iOS system. Android version will be ready in mid-November. Thank you for being patient with us! 

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