Five Thirst-Quenching Homebrew Drinks You Want to Try This Summer!

As temperatures climb, so does the need for an icy drink to beat the heat and stay refreshed. With lots of fruits to choose from in summer, why not have some fun and homebrew something different? Whether you are having a beach vacation or outdoor barbeque party, no worries, we got you all covered! Here are five thirst-quenching homebrew drinks you may want to try this summer: 


#1 Watermelon Mojito Wine

 Nothing signals summer quite like a fruity cocktail such as mojito. Alchemanian “islandsoul” recreates the flavor of mojito with this clever recipe, substituting rum with homebrew wine and soda water with natural carbonation. Crisp and light flavor with a watermelon fresh taste.  Surprise everyone with this knockout drink made exclusively from natural fruits!  

#2 Pineapple Strawberry Cider

When it comes to vacation, we might think of the beach in California or Hawaii. While most of us can’t be there every summer, ALCHEMA brings them together to your table. Pineapple, undoubtedly, an iconic Hawaiian fruit meets strawberry, one of California’s love and pride. The sourness of pineapple brings out the best of strawberry, making this cider perfect for your summer.


#3 Maple Cinnamon Apple Cider

It’s summer. You don’t want anything too strong because you’ll get dehydrated, and you don’t want anything too boring either because, well, it’s summer. The cinnamon aroma lends a twist to the simple apple flavor, adding a woody taste to balance the sweetness of apple juice, making the Maple Cinnamon Apple Cider a wonderful match with your backyard BBQ.



#4 Just Perry

Summer time is to relax. Sometimes you just deserve a simple, fresh drink that is as easy as lemonade to make, and still tastes better than that. Only pear juice and white sugar are needed. Created by Alchemanian “Jane Whitman”, this easy recipe takes you less than a minute to prepare. Isn’t it what summer is all about? Simple is the best!

#5 Raspberry Mead

Want to take advantage of having fresh raspberries while it is still in season? The classic Raspberry Mead is an attractive option, it goes surprisingly perfect with food, brushing off the grease from pizza and burgers or the spicy flavor from tacos and chili sauce.


Taste the summer with ALCHEMA !


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