Fine beer and No fear— recalling the excitement of exploring, on your own dining table.

When traveling abroad, we discover the differences of culture, away from the living style we were so used to, sometimes gives us new eyes and even closer look on our daily life. In most countries, nodding vertically means Yes, nodding horizontally means No. However, in Greece and, nodding horizontally means No and nodding vertically means Yes. Meanwhile in India, both the nods means Yes, No, maybe and alright, totally depend on the position of their eyebrows and the speed of nod. Although some people argue that, if you pay attention closely, watch some youtube tutorials, read a few books or essay, it might be possible (Indian Nod) for foreigners to master the art. The world is so different in many ways for us to explore, embrace and reflect.

However, there’s still something in common in every country around the world, no matter their economic development or geography limits…. they all have their own Nation Beer ! (while some Islam countries has non-alcohol “beer” ) Cuba is no exception! Mysterious, “dangerous”, one the few left communist countries in the world, recently, because of some changes from U.S. foreign policy, Cuba began to open up for the world, for mostly American tourists.

The country can’t survive without alcohol-Cuba


Walking into the local grocery store, you’ll find out that ketchup, milk, flour, even biscuit there’s only one brand, one package, one“choice”. Shopping here definitely can’t be counted as a fun experience, identical bottles of juice stocked up all the refrigerators, and the same bags of flour take over the whole aisle. For the people who’ve always  thought Walmart is a big trap, a maze. They’ve come to the right country! The only decision you have to make here is “To buy, or not to buy.”

Apart from the famous Rum, the Cuban beer also attracts some people from around the world to visit. Cuba, where basically you have only one choice, there are five different types of bottled beer! (we then knew how desperate they are under the communist governance) Also, for the internet addict, you may not want to visit Cuba. Since internet is only provided in the public park or plaza around the city center, you’ll have to buy a Wifi card in advance, waiting in line for an hour, while getting 3 hours ( 1USD/ hour ) maximum usage per person per time, registered by passport ! Later on, to realize that the internet is so slow that you can’t even watch a Youtube video! This is the time we contemplate on our life “Drinking ice cold beer and doing nothing is what life is about. Beer will change the world, I don’t know how, but it will.”

The most representative alcohol of Travelers?

To travel is to find local beer. The one true type of alcohol that represents travelers has to be beer, it’s how we make new friends, bonding with friends and family. Tasting Cuban beer is a road trip along your tongue, the first sip, feeling the refreshing carbonation washed away the scorching sun during the day, the second sip, trying to recall if there’s anything similar to our beer memory catalog. Sometimes, it could be too aggressive, you hated it the second your lips touched it; sometimes, you feel like this is the one you’ve been searching for (although you do have the same feeling loads of times before) More often, the experience we enjoy is the journey of exploration, like travel, not necessarily familiar or comfortable, but some beer just ended up wonderful, some countries just made you feel like the second home, they all eventually become the unforgettable experience we bring back our home.

The most “Taiwanese” alcohol?

After coming back to my sweet home, Taiwan, where ALCHEMA based, we started to think, what’s the most representative “Taiwanese” alcohol? This debate could go on and on forever, every country likewise, to decide your home alcohol. But with ALCHEMA, enable us to interpret the taste of our home sweet home! Today we present you the “Hoppy Tea Cider”. The signature drink we had everyday in Taiwan is tea, and if you know something about tea, you know something about Taiwan. By combining Taiwanese tea with hop,  you can feel the refreshing carbonation of hop while enjoying the relaxing aroma of Taiwanese tea. No matter it’s drinking with few friends or throwing a party, it’s always taking over the conversation. We can share with them the story behind the drink, what kind of tea we selected, and how did it go with the company of hop.

Hoppy Tea Cider

Open the ALCHEMA App and search “Hoppy Tea Cider”

What you need:

  1. Dried tea leaf    3.5 oz
  2. Hop (pellets)     1.9 oz
  3. White sugar      10.6 oz
  4. Yeast packet     Premier Rouge (enhance carbonation)

Dried tea leaf

You can choose the type of tea you like, if you like refreshing flavor, green tea is recommended; if you like heavy flavor, black tea or oolong is recommended; if you’re into strong aroma and taste, Earl Grey is recommended. A friendly reminder is we use cold-brew process to make this cider; so you don’t have to brew you tea for this batch. You just need to drop the dried tea leaf into the pitcher and let it ferment.

Hop (pellets)

Pellet floral tone hop is used for this cider, but you can still choose what you like. The reason why we used the floral tone hop because it married well with tea arome, if you like bitter taste you can still use the bitter tone hop. Again, we used cold-brew process to make this cider, so you just need to drop the pellet hop into the pitcher and let it ferment.

Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be with a glass of Hoppy Tea Cider. ALCHEMA brings back the excitement and joy of exploring something new, on your dining table. Now, go brew your own taste of home!


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