February update

Dear Alchema family,

Here comes the update! Well, happy 2018 everyone. We know that it’s almost the end of January. And we’ve been working hard to ship out devices. The shipping started last December. The shipping order is Taiwan pre-orders>Taiwan orders>Kickstarter orders>orders on Alchema website>orders from Microventure. This is based on the times that orders happened. We now produce around 100 a week and we are pushing the capacity of the factory to manufacture more units per week. In order to make you receive your device earlier, we ship out device right away after they are assembled.

ready to put Alchema devices into these boxes

The devices will be stacked on pallets and be shipped to the U.S. via sea. After devices arrive in the U.S., they will be dispatched by inland shipping. We are about to fulfill all Taiwan orders and start shipping to the U.S.

Meanwhile, we’ve sent out all the yeast packets via post. Check your mailboxes because they can arrive at any time! Pitchers will also be shipped separately. We will finish shipping devices first then pitchers.



The Alchema team

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