Alchema February update

It’s February, hang on, the spring is around the corner!

Manufacture: Tests, tests, tests before tooling

Last month, we’ve finished the production and assembling of our last working sample before tooling. In order to evaluate our DFM result (design for manufacture), we’ve conducted several tests with the working unit, including sealing, gas releasing, and weighing. 

The good news is: those functions all work as we expected!

Now, we still have the last and most important test to do — the fermentation monitoring. We have started fermenting apple cider with the device and recording the data. We will get the result in 2 weeks.

App: Progress on the Android

(Left: browsing recipes. Right: The recipe page)

We’ve made a lot of progress on the Android app! Already finished three out of five tabs on the homepage - Explore, Collection, and Follow. Still working on History and Setting.

We can now connect the Android phone to Alchema via BLE 4.0,  enabling it to upload and receive data. Besides, we've made several changes on the UI design so it’s more tailored to Android users.

Our next goal is to develop the “Create a Recipe” process. We are confident to finish developing the app in the coming couple of months and then start the overall tests among the app, the device, and the cloud.

Pear cider

Starting from autumn and before spring is the time of pears, so we tap into developing some pear cider!

 Ripe pears are best for making pear cider. Among all the species, the green “Williams pear” is the best choice comparing to other varieties which tend to result in more astringent flavor.

Put your pears in room temperature until they are soft and ripe, then you can wash, dice and freeze them. It takes at least 24 hours to freeze the pear dice completely. Then, you could put the pears dices in the pitcher, add sugar, water, and yeast. After about 10 days of fermentation...Voilà! Your homemade perry! 

You can also use honey to replace sugar, to make pear mead. (Note: we recommend you use ripe pears, otherwise it will end up more like green apple cider.)

This pear cider has 13.9% ABV but you can taste delightful sweetness and have a slightly fizzy mouthfeel. In this recipe, we used both white and a little brown sugar. The brown sugar not only brings the mild natural earthy flavors into it, but also strengthens the mellow fruity flavors from the pear.

That’s it for our February update. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones!

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