Experience The World of Home-brewing with NBA Super Star

Editor: Michael Yu

Recently, the Toronto Raptors broke the history and became the NBA champion team. This makes everyone can’t stop discussing Jeremy Lin’s contribution level, the champion parade which turned sour, which basketball stars will leave their team and so forth. Meanwhile, when discussing these topics, do you ever think about NBA players’ retirement lives?  

You may know more about Kobe Bryant’s and Shaquille O’Neal’s colorful retirement lives and

Businesses. However, the Moving Great Wall Yao Ming’s retirement life is also colorful and wonderful! After retired in 2011, Yao Ming became the owner of a basketball team in Shanghai, 

member of the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University for a college degree. Moreover, because of his love for wine, Yao Ming also owns a winery named by his name as Yao Family Wines.

 Yao Ming started his winery with famous winemaker Tom Hinde. They established Yao Family Wines, combining six famous Cabernet Sauvignon yards in Napa Valley. Yao Family Wines produces Cabernet Sauvignon blend wines with strong blackberry, blueberry, and currant flavors, which show the perfectly balanced taste, plump body, and long aftertaste. Yao Ming’s winery soon got high acclaim from professionals and got nominated in several wine awards. Broke the stereotype that celebrities’ winery is all only based on their names. Yao Family Wines got its’ place in the wine industry by its’ true quality.

 Wines and sports are alike, both meaning a healthy and happy living attitude. __Yao Ming.

Although most of us don’t own any wineries if you already have one ~ then congratulations! And please turn back to the previous page! Cause I may introduce your winery next time! But for those don’t have a winery, we can still create a healthy and happy living attitude on our own. Cause we can actually make our own wine! Today we introduce you the black tea cherry cider from ALCHEMA. This wine’s main body is cherry, showing more sweetness to the wine. And black tea works as an accompaniment, giving cherry cider a crimson red veil to balance its’ sour, sweetness and Tannin flavor and then bringing long tea aftertaste and strong body to your mouth. This layered texture will give you strong impacts from the smell, the look and the taste. Let you experience the sparks of the ingredients from the west and the east. 

 This cherry ciders’ alcohol volume is around 4% and sweetness around 13.7 Brix. Its’ preparation and brewing procedures are both easy. For the ingredients, you only need to prepare black tea and cherry or cherry juice. You can adjust the amount and the breed on your will to make it the perfect wine. This wine is an easy-making wine while its’ taste is not easy at all. If you use ALCHEMA to brew, you only need to wash the bottles, connect ALCHEMA with the app and kill bacteria via ultraviolet light. Then put black tea, cherry or cherry juice, sugar and Premier Cuvee yeast, which can elevate the fruit flavor, in your bottle. Let ALCHEMA stay in a 17~27C environment with at least 2 days waiting. After fermentation, you only need to put it into a fridge to sediment yeast in a low-temperature environment for around 2~3 days. And you can then put this cider to share with your family members and friends. 

“A good wine must at first have a perfect balance on alcohol volume, sourness, Tannin and flavor. Actually, life is also like wine. Sometimes life requires us to strive hard, while sometimes requires us to leisurely savor a good wine under the sun.” Yao Ming said. Although we don’t have wineries of our own, ALCHEMA can be your personal winery, accompanying you to taste all the good in your life. Are you going to savor your life now?


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