December update: DFM complete!


Manufacture: DFM complete!
    Ho ho ho! We hope you are enjoying this joyful season as much as we are! We have nailed the most important step before the mass production — The DFM process (design for manufacture), where we optimize the mechanical design for both user experience and manufacture.


The front door
We simplified the mechanism so that you can just pull the door open like a refrigerator. It’s not only instinctive but the door also opens wider for you to move the pitcher in and out.


The lid

Change#1: We moved the hinge from the lid to device itself so that it’s less likely to be knocked over while the lid is open.

Change#2: We simplified the way the lid opens by getting rid of the push button and hooks. Now you can open it just like opening a pizza box.

Change#3: We added a “ball plunger” to the lid so it can hold still while you’re adding ingredients into the pitcher.


The pitcher
We now move the valve to the lid of the pitcher so that it can continue to release gas if you use the pitcher to store the finished cider. Besides, this change can better prevents your cider from contamination.

Play around your Alchema in 3D model:
Coming up next, we will produce the final working sample and test all the functions, then we can start the tooling process after New Year!

New recipe: Ginger mead
    During the past month, we have been testing and developing our ginger mead recipe. Finally, we found the best way to do it!

    First, we sliced the gingers and dry-fried them until their color turned golden brown. Then we cooled down the ginger slices and put them into diluted honey.
    Fermented by the white wine yeast we chose, this mead not only has the great balance of flavors from honey and ginger, but also a strong, impressive, and crispy floral aroma. And it finishes with a spicy hint which is very refreshing.

    That's it for this update! Do you like these improvements and the new recipe? We are always excited to hear from you!  

    Last but not least, we wish you a best Christmas ever! Can you feel our Christmas spirit?




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