December update

front panels

Dear Alchema family,

Here is the December update! All parts are being produced in order to be assembled into an Alchema device!

We’ve made thousands of pieces of all the Alchema components! They’ll be shipped to the factory where to assemble these individual parts into an Alchema device.

bottom covers

all the packed components

The assembly is starting next week. And the shipping date sits in late December form Taiwan via sea. The devices will be dispatched via UPS after arriving in the U.S.

In order to arrange shipping details, if you want to change the shipping address, please message us or write an email to, we will update it for you.

Don’t forget to check on our blog to see more recipe information! Pomegranate cider, Fig & bay- leaf apple cider and mead are ready now. And there are more to come. Stay tuned!



The Alchema team


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