July update

Dear Alchema family,

It's July now! Let's see what we've accomplished last month!


We’ve started tooling process last month. Tooling process is a long process since it starts from cutting raw materials such as bulk metals into the shapes we want. We will share with you the photos when we visit the manufactory. We are taking steady steps and the tooling process is looking good!



packaging box extension drawing

This is the extension drawing of the packaging box (gift box). We have finalized our packaging box based on the results we learned after reading the answers of the package survey. When we went through all the replies, it helped us get a lot of great insights and improve both the design and the wording. We are so much inspired.

The main points we picked up are to make the package elegant and keep the message clear and simple. We learned that the simplicity is the key to make Alchema look classy and elegant. Also, with different color patches contrasting each other, it will make the packaging more eye-catching. For the wordings, we learned that the messages should be “more succinct; hits on keywords without adding unnecessary fluff.” By collecting, digesting and adopting these suggestions, we are able to present you our final packaging box. Good job everyone, we’ve made it together!


The Alchema team

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