Daiginjo! Can Alchema even make Sake?

Editor: Lucien Yen

Nah, not really.

Wait! Hold on! Have a seat and let me tell you why.

Although we can’t make Daiginjo by our-self, we can still brew a Sake-like cider, tries to mimic the flavor. Now, let’s learn about some knowledge of sake, and take a little look at how easy it is to use Alchema to make a Sake-like cider.

How to brew “Sake”?

Hire some japanese and give them some rice.

Wait! Just kidding! Sake is a kind of brewing wine that uses rice as raw material and has a long history in Japan. With merely three simple elements of rice, water, and bacteria, you can receive thousands of fascinating poems! But do you think that as long as the rice puddles are thrown into the bucket, will the sake be brewed itself? Of course not. How can a grain of rice go through an intricacy to become a scented, elegant and delicate sake?


The rice we usually eat is obtained by grinding the outer shell of the rice. Rice itself has other nutrients such as protein, fat, starch, etc., but the rice that is brewed needs the starch of rice itself, so it will not only grind the outer shell of the rice but also grind a part of the white rice to make the proportion of starch higher. The more you polish, the lighter and finer the taste will be.

Koji making

Sake is produced by breaking down sugar from yeast, but most of the sugar in the rice is preserved in the form of starch. So we need to turn the starch into sugar. Here we need to use "Koji" to convert the starch into sugar. In order to make this step more efficient, we will steam the rice and then add Koji. Turn the rice into rice bran before you can brew the Sake!


With the help of rice bran, the yeast can produce alcohol with full energy. In the three weeks to a month, the rice will eventually turn into scented Sake, and the alcohol concentration is about 18 degrees.

Here, we have basically got sake. However, the sake at this time has not been subjected to the steps of squeezing, sterilizing, etc., so it is not the body that we think is as clear as water, but it will be a bit turbid. After squeezing and sterilizing, it will become the look of the sake we bought.

Why we can’t make Daiginjo?

You will have a chance to grind your rice slowly in your house. I bet you won’t.

Daiginjo is a super-premium status sake brewed with rice polished down to 50% or less of its original weight. And the status is defined by Polishing rate. Usually indicated as a percentage on the label, this refers to the amount of rice that remains after polishing. The lower the percentage, the higher the grade of the sake.

How easy it is to make Sake with Alchema?

In the absence of Alchema, you need to steam rice and find a way to give birth to rice bran. Without professional knowledge, you will probably get a bowl of corrupt rice. If you succeed in getting a bowl of rice bran, you need to pray that it will grow up between the next 3-4 weeks, and don't have bad bacteria to invade the slowly growing sake into vinegar.

But with Alchema, everything becomes simple and easy!

Alchema has a UV-sterilizing function that kills bacteria and increases the success rate of winemaking. And through its own app, it can accurately detect the fermentation status of the wine. You don't need to worry about your wine becoming vinegar every day. Just look at your phone and you can see what is happening in the pot. And through Alchema, you can also adjust the alcohol concentration you want and the sweetness of the wine, not only let you enjoy the wine but also let you get the wine you want! How amazing!

Open your Alchema APP now (you can download it without Alchema anyway), find the wine list of Sake flavor cider and follow it! If you are trying for the first time, you can follow the recipe first. If you are already a pro, let's try other recipes and make this sake in your own way! Anyway, remember to share your experience with us!


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