Customize your flavor, you should make your own wine.

"I love this wine very much, but it is a little bit sweet."

"I really like the flavor of this wine, but this alcohol concentration is a bit high! "

"A long time ago, my friend made a pot of wine, it was so delicious, but there was only one pot."

Have you ever encountered these situations? You really like the style of "that" wine, but what you got is not even close. The taste is too sweet, the alcohol concentration is too high, or everything is just fine but you just can't reproduce that taste.

As long as we grasp a few simple elements, it is not difficult to find the taste you like.


The taste that our taste buds can distinguish is sour, bitter, salty and umami. In the wine, the most obvious thing we can feel is the taste of sour and sweet.

  1. Olfactory

Most of the tastes we are familiar with are actually the credit of the sense of smell. The aroma of apples and the fragrance of pineapples are all felt through the sense of smell. These tiny odor molecules are brought to the olfactory receptor behind the throat when you chew and swallow. In short, it is actually what you smell, not what your tongue feels.

  1. Touch

The inside of our mouth is also sensational. When the wine is sparkling, we will feel the stimulation of the bubbles. When the degree of wine association is high (the higher the age of the wine, the higher the degree is), we will feel a very smooth taste.

From these three simple elements above, we can analyze what kind of wine we like, or under what circumstances we want what kind of elements to be combined.

If you cook your own food to satisfy your taste

Now, you should make your own wine.

It is easier to brew with ALCHEMA than you think.

Through your own winemaking, you can not only solve the three situations mentioned at the beginning.

You can also use the architecture mentioned in the middle, taste, smell, touch

Combine these yourself with your favorite flavor!

Is the wine too sweet?

ALCHEMA's APP can calculate the sugar content of the wine, let you customize the sweetness you want!

Is the wine too strong?

ALCHEMA's app calculates the amount of alcohol in the wine and lets you customize the alcohol concentration you want!

Can't represent the flavor you like?

ALCHEMA's app records the materials you brew so you can reproduce the flavor you want!

ALCHEMA can help you create your own flavor!

Open your mobile phone and download the ALCHEMA app now, so that you can easily reach the flavor you want!


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