Fermentation Knowledge | Freezer and refrigerator methods

When your cider has done fermenting and you take it out from the ALCHEMA device. The first thing you will ask is: what should I do now? Can I drink it right away? Well, technically speaking, the cider is ready and you are able to drink it. But the taste probably won’t be too pleasant. Why? It is because of the yeast.

Yeast is the crucial part of cider making. It is the key to make alcohol. But once you get the alcohol you want for the cider, you’ll have to get rid of yeast since it gives a bad taste to the cider. (I know, it is sad. You use it and dump it once you don’t need it anymore. Makes you feel like the bad guy in the movie.) According to one of my friends, she reckons the yeast taste is a bit like chicken. Nobody wants to taste chicken when drinking cider.

But how to make your cider taste just as good as it should be?

There are two methods ALCHEMA suggests. You can also find them in the app. They are Freezer method and refrigerator method.

Yeast can only work under warm temperature. When the temperature gets too hot or too cold, yeast will stop working or even dies. We take this advantage to remove yeast. Beside making yeast stop working, we also need to remove them from the cider.

Low temperature is the best answer. With low temperature, yeast not only stops working, it also settles to the bottom which makes it easy to remove. There are two ways to cool your cider cold: put it in the refrigerator or put it in the freezer. How do I know which one should I go for? No worries, we are telling you how to choose the right one for you.

Freezer method: faster and more clear taste.

The freezer method is to leave the whole pitcher in the freezer for two days. This way can make yeast settle in a rather faster way. Only two days you’ll be able to take the pitcher out and remove the yeast. After being two days in the freezer, the yeast will settle at the bottom and form a yeast layer. The special design of ALCHEMA pitcher allows you to open the base the remove the whole yeast layer.

Open the pitcher base, use a knife/spoon to cut/scoop off the yeast layer. Screw the base back and let cider to thaw. Make sure that when you screw back the pitcher base, the rubber gasket is also in the base groove or the cider will leak as it thaws.

Refrigerator method: keep the carbonation

The refrigerator method is to put the cider in the fridge for 5 days. Since the temperature of the fridge is not as low as the freezer, it takes a bit longer to make yeast settle. Once the yeast has settled, take out the pitcher and pour out the clear cider gently, do not stir up the yeast at the bottom. If you wish to make sparkling cider, you should choose refrigerator method since the freezer method will result in still cider.


One tip before putting the pitcher into fridge or freezer. When you first take put pitcher from the ALCHEMA device, there might have some fruit pieces floating at the top. You may want to scoop these things out. Especially if you are going for the freezer method, it will be very difficult to remove them once they’re frozen.

The key point to remember is: low temperature keeps yeast from working and produce an unpleasant taste. You may also adjust the time of the pitcher in the freezer or the fridge. It’s adjustable. Which method do you prefer? Try it and let us know if you have other thoughts!


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  • Can you clarify whether, with the refrigerator method, you recommend scooping out all the fruit before refrigerating, or only the fruit at the surface top layers?

    C. Frank
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