Apple Ginger Cider‐spice up your cider!

Is there a drink that screams Fall any louder than apple cider? It’s an absolute classic and so comforting to sip on as the weather cools down. Even if it’s warm where you are, a taste of some sweet appley goodness will have you imagining a crisp breeze and autumn leaves.

For anyone that’s craving a spicier twist to ordinary apple cider, this apple ginger cider is sure to hit the spot. Look no further, your search for a drink to cozy up with this season is over! Many people like to indulge in warm cider, but this version brings all the warmth you need in the form of fresh ginger. For this recipe, you’ll need apple juice, ginger, sugar, and premier rouge yeast.

Using store-bought apple juice will save you a lot of time over pressing your own fresh fruit. You’ll want to choose a good quality juice since it will be one of the primary sources of flavor in your cider. You can find pasteurized juice or sweet cider at most grocery stores, but make sure that they don’t have any chemical preservatives (sodium benzoate and potassium sulfate) since these will ruin fermentation. For the best flavor, choose a juice or cider with a cloudy, brown appearance that has sediment at the bottom.

To fully infuse your cider with a ginger aroma, slice the ginger with the peel intact. Most of the fragrance itself is from the peel, so this will help influence how much is released. For a big boost of flavor, fry your sliced ginger a bit before using it.

Use the Alchema app to follow along with quick and effortless step-by-step instructions for making your cider. The app will do all of the measurings for you and tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added as you go. The fermentation time for this recipe is ten days. This finished cider will have a relatively high alcohol content with a sweet candied ginger fragrance. The sweet and tart tastes of apple are complemented by a zesty spice of fresh ginger.

If you enjoy a strong and concentrated flavor, serve this cider chilled with no ice. However, if you prefer something more refreshing, you can serve your cider on ice with sliced lemon. The dilution from the ice will extend the flavor spectrum while the lemon brings another level of tartness. This added flavor will make the taste more rich and complex. Try pairing your cider with roast chicken. The clean taste of apple and ginger will mingle with the sauce or seasoning on the chicken and bring its flavor to the next level.

The combination of sweet apple and slightly spicy ginger along with the warmth of alcohol will be sure to keep you feeling nice and toasty. Apple ginger cider is such a simple but appealing alternative to the typical apple cider. Grab your glass and get ready to feel warm and cozy inside and out!


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