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This article is to help you create own recipe with ease!

One of the beauties of the ALCHEMA App is that it allows Alchemanians to create their own recipes and watch those wild, innovative ideas of yours brought to life. The sky is the limit as this function allows there to be endless recipes available, all for you to try. Shall we begin?

You need to install ALCHEMA App in your smartphone first in order to try the function. Go download the App. Download for iOSDownload for Android


Step 1.

Step 1: Name Your Recipe


An amazing homebrew needs an amazing name. If you can't think of a name, that's alright! You can either come back and think of the name later or name it after the main concept of your drink!

For example, I made a cider with green tea as the base and flavoring with guava and passion fruit jam. The color is golden yellow and the passion fruits always remind me of summer so I named this Summer Arvo Sunshine. 
Does this give you any inspirations? 

The following step is to choose your recipe language. If you forget to set it up, no worries! The app will default to English when you save the recipe.

The description area gives you the opportunity to express to people what the drink will taste like.


 Step 2: Setting Up Recipe Attributes


Here we decide what we want our beverage to taste like. The main characteristic of an alcoholic drink is the target ABV% and Brix. It will determine the alcohol concentration and the sweetness of the drink.

ABV% (Alcohol by Volume) is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. The higher the number means there is more alcohol in the drink. 

Brix measures how much sugar is in the solution. One-degree Brix is one gram of sugar in 100 grams of solution. For example, a 1-liter carton of apple juice has approximately 70 Brix. 1 liter is 1,000 grams, so that would mean that there are 7 grams of sugar in 100 grams of juice or Brix of 7. So higher the Brix degree, the sweeter the drink is. 

Small hint: Sweetness affects the taste of alcohol as well. When the drink is sweeter, the less alcohol you taste. 

Once you set the target ABV% and Brix, the app will tell you how much sugar you should add. The picture above in the orange bar shows how much sugar is needed. 

Step 3: Adding Main Ingredients


After setting up the recipe attributes, it's time to add your main ingredients! This will determine the main taste of the homebrew.

Take this Summer Arvo Sunshine recipe as an example, I am using green tea and passionfruit guava jam as my main ingredients. The finished beverage will taste of green tea, passion fruit, and guava. 

The ratio of the ingredients is important. In this case, the green tea flavor will have a stronger presence, but the hint of passionfruit and guava will still be there. Everyone's taste is unique. It takes experimentation to discover the best ratio that is best suited for you. 


Step 4: Adding Extra Flavors (Optional). 


Now that the main flavor is decided, it’s time to add some extra hints into your beverage.

You can either choose a fruit, sugar or honey, but if you want to add a different ingredient choose the “other ingredient” tab. This function is very similar to the main ingredients step. For example, if you want to add oranges to the recipe, simply type it out, set the Brix and how much you want to put it. The app will adjust how much sugar you need to add.

While it may be exciting to add in a whole bunch of different flavors, we recommend not to add over 100g.


Step 5: Adding Sugar


This step ensures that the ratio between ABV% and Brix you specified in the recipe is met.

The orange bar on the top will tell you how much sugar you need to add in order for the beverage to taste the way you want. 

Be careful here, if you add less sugar than the app suggests, the drink may never reach the target ABV%.


Step 6: Adding Yeast


Last but not least, always remember to add yeast to the recipe! Yeast is the key factor to turn sugar into alcohol and turn these ingredients into the beverage you desire. 

There are four types of yeasts for you to choose from in the app. ALCHEMA also provides yeast on our website. Other types of yeast can also be used, just type their name into the column.


Step 7: Adding Water (Optional)


If you are using entirely fresh fruit without any juice, then you would need to add water in the pitcher. You can switch the tab to add “add water” step to the recipe. 

Then click DONE. You now have all the information you need!

Go create your own recipes and start making your own beverage!

If you want to change the ingredients of an existing recipe, click the link below to find out how!

Go download the App. Download for iOSDownload for Android




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