Alchemanians Interview | Kristin T.

Fresh Bartlett Pear cider created by Kristin

If you love juicy pear flavor and have been looking to successfully homebrew a perry with rich juicy pear flavor, look no further. Let Alchemanian "Kristin T" share her tip and recipe with you! 

1. Please introduce yourself a bit to us. When did you begin your brewing journey with ALCHEMA?

I am a huge fan of cider. One of my favorite things to do is go cider tasting with my fiancé. I had tried making cider at home before but it seemed so complicated and every batch I tried turned out bad.

I first learned of ALCHEMA when I attended a cider festival in San Francisco. I stopped by the booth and I was amazed by the flavor of the cider and how the machine worked. I knew then I had to get myself one to try out. 

2. What are your favorite kinds of drinks to make with your ALCHEMA?

I love to make all kinds of cider with my ALCHEMA. I have tried many recipes from the app. I love to try both the simple recipes and also to try out new and different flavors that I have not tried before. 

3. Which of your recipe creations are you most proud of and why?

The recipe I am probably the most proud of is my Bartlet pear cider. It is such a simple recipe but tastes delicious every time I make it. 

4. What’s the background story of that recipe? What inspired you to come up with this combination?

I love juicy pears. The flavor is one of my favorites. I have tried for years to find a Perry that I like but none of them had the “pear” taste I was looking for. When I got my ALCHEMA I was excited to make a batch that tasted like the drink I had been looking for.

5. How would you describe the flavor of this drink? What would it pair well with?

It is somewhat sweet and tastes like biting into a juicy, ripe pear. I feel like it goes well with just about everything. It is great on a warm day by itself. Because of its simple flavor, it also goes well with any food you pair it with.

6. Which steps are the most critical to follow when creating your drink recipe?

The most important step is finding ripe fresh barlet pears. 

7. Did you use the ALCHEMA app to adjust the recipe to fit your taste? If so, how did it help you?

I have used my original pear recipe and made new variations based on it, such as a jalapeño pear recipe. 

8. Any advice for your fellow Alchemanians who are attempting to create their own recipes for the first time?

The best thing about ALCHEMA is just how easy it is to try out your own recipes. With the measurements built in you know how much you need of different ingredients to have a successful batch. Have fun with it! That is the best part, even if it doesn’t come out “perfect” you learn so much from each batch you make.



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