Alchemanian Interview| Vonda S

Pineapple peach mango strawberry Jalepeno created by Vonda

Hi, I'm Vonda S and I am among the original backers of Alchema. I am a scientist/chemist and have had an interest in the chemistry behind winemaking for quite a while and now hard ciders.

  • Creating my own recipes is easy and fun

Part of the fun of the Alchema is exploring different flavors and combination profiles and that is my current investigation at the moment. Hard ciders are my go-tos but I will try meads soon. For all the recipes that I have created, I am most proud of Pineapple Peach Mango and Pear Cucumber. The flavors came out great and one used frozen fruit while the latter used juice. The colorings where beautiful as well.

You may ask how do I decide what fruit to use?

For the pineapple, peach, mango, it was a try it and see what results. It is obviously tropical and it takes you on a  beach vacation. It is fruit forward. For the Pear Cucumber, I had a salad combo with them and it made me think it would make a tasty hard cider. This one is more delicate with subtle flavors and is more savory.

  • The most recommended way to enjoy the drinks I created

I didn't do any food pairings with either. They were refreshing beverages on a hot day. However, cheese is always a good choice. A light cheddar or Gouda for the tropical fruit cider and a goat Gouda or goat brie for the Pear cucumber cider would be excellent choices.

  • Sugar and alcohol level are everything in creating drinks

To me, sugar amount and alcohol level are the most critical parts when creating a drink recipe. If you let it brew beyond the calculated time, a cider will result that is too alcoholic or too dry and your desired flavors will be lost.

  • The “History” function of the App helps a lot when creating a new recipe

Having the library of ingredients, including both whole fruit and juices and their brixes along with the ability to adjust final brix levels and alcohol percentages of the cider in the App are immensely helpful and critical.

My advice is for the Alchema is don't be afraid to jump right in and try it. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. You'll discover new things and maybe even create the drink of your dreams!



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