Alchemanian Interview| Emily M.

Spiced Mead created by Emily M. 
"Most importantly, don't be afraid to try it! You may be surprised by how easy it is!" Emily wants to encourage all other Alchemanians to take the leap, you'll be making something incredible! 

1. Please introduce yourself a bit to us. When did you begin your brewing journey with ALCHEMA?
I am from Reno, NV, US and am a software/hardware engineer student. In my free time I run a scout group and am a Pirate at Renaissance Faires! 
I have always been interested in homebrewing, but was not educated enough to start on my own. I learned about ALCHEMA when it was on indiegogo, so I decided to follow the company to see how this device worked. I finally bought a unit in September and have loved being a part of the ALCHEMA community since then! 

2. What are your favorite kinds of drinks to make with your ALCHEMA?
I love making Mead and Melomels (mead with fruit). I learned about mead at the Renaissance Faire and have enjoyed making my own to share with others! 

3. Which of your recipe creations are you most proud of and why?
My "Spiced Mead" recipe is my favorite (and the only one I've published publicly) because it is simple to make, but is so delicious! 

4. What’s the background story of that recipe? What inspired you to come up with this combination?
A Polish friend had me try some of her father's traditional Dwójniak mead. It was very smooth and exactly what I want in a mead. I went to Google to find recipes and found that there aren't really any written out, but found an Industry Standards document translated into English where I pulled the Target ABV and a list of traditional ingredients from. I wanted to simplify the recipe so that I could have very good mead without waiting 6 months-2 years to drink it, and thus the Spiced Mead recipe was born. 

5. How would you describe the flavor of this drink? What would it pair well with?
The Spiced Mead is very smooth, but has some complexities due to the spices used. It is sweet, but refreshing. It would go great with chicken or turkey dishes and cheeses. Or anything that makes you feel like a Viking! 

6. Which steps are the most critical to follow when creating your drink recipe?
Using a disposable tea bag (or something similar) to hold the spices is important as it allows very easy disposal of the spices after fermentation is finished. Leaving the spices in too long may cause unexpected flavors. 
Also, stirring the water and honey together to dissolve the honey can be helpful in getting a more consistent mead. You can never stir too much! 

7. Did you use the ALCHEMA app to adjust the recipe to fit your taste? If so, how did it help you?
Yes, I used the app to find a good balance of honey to water ratio to have a high ABV but also keep the Brix somewhat high to have a sweet (but not too sweet) and potent mead. Just how I like it!

8. Any advice for your fellow Alchemanians who are attempting to create their own recipes for the first time?
Find a drink that you enjoy and do a little research on it. See what it's made with and see if there are any existing ALCHEMA recipes or homebrew recipes out there that you can modify to suit your own taste. But most importantly, don't be afraid to try it! You may be surprised by how easy it is! 

Are you ready to give it a try? 



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