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Bill's favorite ALCHEMA recipe-Pomegranate cider
Bill's favorite ALCHEMA recipe-Pomegranate cider


"And the most important thing when making any kind of fermented beverage.  Alchema makes that step sooooooooo easy!!!" Says Bill F., one of our very first Alchemanians. See what he has to say about his homebrew journey with the ALCHEMA machine! 


1. Please introduce yourself a bit to us. When did you begin your brewing journey with ALCHEMA?

 I am Bill Flatley.  I have been home brewing beer, wine and cider for about 15 years.  I began my Alchema journey in Spring of 2016 when I met Oscar and Angel online. We had a few calls where I answered general brewing questions for them and they asked my opinion on various functionality for the device.  Later in 2016 I had the pleasure to have dinner with them in Minnesota and see the device for the first time. It was really exciting.

2. What are your favorite kinds of drinks to make with your ALCHEMA?

My favorite recipe is a variation of the pomegranate recipe in the app - I add 2 sliced apples to it. I also really enjoyed making the Oriental Peach Tea Cider from the recipe created by Alchema.

3. Which of your recipe creations are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of my Blackberry Red Vino Delight recipe which has received a bunch of likes in the app.

4. What’s the background story of that recipe? What inspired you to come up with this combination?

Backstory - nothing too notable. I wanted to make a grape-based cider. While looking to see what ingredients I had in the house, I noticed there was a small carton of blackberries on the counter and decided to freeze and use them.  It turned out really well and I have made it a few times.  Seems like other Alchema users enjoy it, too.

5. How would you describe the flavor of this drink? What would it pair well with?

It's a sweet cider - much like a sweet red wine.  Seems to pair with foods similar to a California Red Blend wine.

6. Which steps are the most critical to follow when creating your drink recipe?

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.  That's the most important thing when making any kind of fermented beverage.  Alchema makes that step sooooooooo easy!!!

7. Did you use the ALCHEMA app to adjust the recipe to fit your taste? If so, how did it help you?

I did use the app to help determine how much sugar to add to the recipe in order to adjust sweetness and alcohol content. 

8. Any advice for your fellow Alchemanians who are attempting to create their own recipes for the first time?

Don't be afraid to experiment with lots of different fruits and juices.  The best part of Alchema is the speed at which you can try and try and try again without wasting many months like the traditional method of brewing.




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