Mysteries of the Orange Cider

6th Sept 2019

One of the most amazing things about oranges is that it is extremely versatile. You can combine them with a variety of fruits and the outcome will still taste amazing. The same goes for homebrew. Adding fruits to an orange cider batch will only complement the drink more. But to those who are only starting to homebrew, you might be unfamiliar as to which fruits you should add to your orange cider. Below are some of our recommendations which will go fantastic with orange cider. Once you have built up some confidence, you can try some fruit ideas of your own!



Pineapples on its own already make a beautiful tasting cider. But with the combination of oranges and pineapples, it gives off an amazing tropical smell and taste. This drink combination will surely make your taste buds scream gleefully. The sweeter taste will instantly make you feel more relaxed and make you think to yourself “when can I ask for seconds?” 

Remove the pineapple skin and cut them into 1-inch cubes. Alternatively, you could also use pineapple juice. Just make sure that it is 100% all-natural with no preservatives as this could
affect the growth of yeast. 


Another amazing fruit to add is mangoes. Another epitome of the tropics, mango has a very sweet taste and unlike other fruits, it does not have a strong tartness to it. It truly is a delightful treat.

Cut the mango into three parts, the two tops and the middle part. The middle part is the seed and we do not need that. Peel of the mango peel and cut the mango into small cubes. Once done place them into the pitcher. Another option is that you could use mango juice. But keep in mind that like the pineapple juice, the mango juice needs to be 100% all-natural with no preservatives. 

Coffee Beans

If you want a drink to keep you awake but also a strong relaxer, well this is drink perfect. The combination of coffee and orange in the cider will be pleasantly surprised. It may seem that these two tastes were not meant to be together, yet it is the complete opposite. The fresh hint of coffee and orange will awaken your taste buds to a brand-new flavour.


Adding cinnamon gives that hot aromatic taste which combats well with that cool refreshing orange cider. This homebrew is something that oozes flavour from the start of the drink to the end. The woody touch to the drink gives the impressions that you are in the woods just relaxing, listening to nature surround you. A brilliant homebrew to drink after a long week in the office.

These add-ins are sure to get in touch with your creative side. Each ingredient brings its own uniqueness to the orange cider that will make the drink even more amazing. But there are many more ingredients that could be added to this amazing beverage. So, it is best to try it out yourself, to find out your likes and dislikes. 


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